OKR is one of THE goal management methods from Silicon Valley. What is it about and how can you use this method to pursue your LinkedIn goals?

What does OKR stand for?

O = Objectives; your goals
KR = Key Results; your key results

How does OKR work?

1. Formulate a goal that you want to achieve through your active contribution.
2. Define Key Results that define how you want to achieve your goal.

How do I transfer OKR to my LinkedIn activity?


Objective: Attract new customers
Key Result 1: Share one success story per week on LinkedIn to generate awareness for your product/service.
Key Result 2: Proactively network with e.g. 30 potential customers per week.
Key Result 3: Reach out to e.g. 50 potential customers per week through comments, likes and messages.
Key Result 4: Arrange meetings to present your product/service.