To understand which posts generate high reach on LinkedIn, it's worth taking a look at the LinkedIn Algorithm Report. It tells you how to get more visibility and reach on LinkedIn and how to use the LinkedIn algorithm best for you and your company.

Our tips:

  1. Dwell time: The longer, the better. Make sure people cklick on the "see more" button after the third line in your post. So keep it interesting and make sure your post is not too short.
  2. Best performing posts*:
    1. Polls have on average 450% more reach
    2. Document posts (pdf) have 205% more reach
    3. Post with multiple pictures have 150% more reach
  3. Timing: Best days to post are tuesday, thursday and saturday beetween 8:00 and 10:00 am.
  4. Hashtags: The sweet number of hashtags is between 3 and 5 for each post. Less than 3 hashtags reduce reach by 40%, more than 5 hashtags reduce reach by 20%.
  5. Social Selling Index: Your activitites are analyzed daily bei LinkedIn. You can visit your so called Social Selling Index here to see how LinkedIn ranks your performance.

Want more LinkedIn hacks? In parts 1 to 3, you'll read how to create good content on LinkedIn, how to build your social network image, and what you can do to increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

*compared to regular text posts with one picture

Source: LinkedIn Algorithm Research September 2021 Edition 3.1.