How do I want to be seen on social media? What should I post to build and support my social network image? In the second part of our LinkedIn Hacks you will get practical tips for your social network image.

As an active LinkedIn user, you should ask yourself how you want to be perceived by other users. In this context, we also talk about the social network image.

Your social network image consists of the following categories:

  • Journey - Tell about your career path
  • Business - Talk about the latest industry news and innovations
  • Non-Business - What are you interested in besides your job?
  • Intention - What do you want to achieve?
  • Brand mark - What do you stand for and what makes you stand out?
  • Appeal - How do you communicate externally?

Each of your postings should ideally be assigned to one of these categories. The aim is to maintain a balance between the individual categories and to ensure that none of them unintentionally stands out in your external presentation.