How can I reach a larger community? How do I get the right people to notice me? In the third part of our LinkedIn Hacks, we explain how you can increase your visibility with just a few tricks.

Content is King

This also applies to your LinkedIn profile. The more content you provide about yourself, your interests and skills, the better. Use your profile slogan, information and work experience to give your community as much insight as possible.

  • Show in the profile slogan what others can expect on your profile: What do you stand for? What do you offer?
  • Speak directly to your community in the information and tell them more about your motivation, interests or achievements
  • Add work experience that is important for your current career goals and explain, for example, what you were able to learn during the job

Design is everything

  • Keep it short and simple: use simple and short sentences
  • Use keywords to position yourself: Make sure you know what your target group is looking for.
  • Use emojis: This breaks up the text and structures it. But remember: Less is more. The emojis should also reflect you
  • Be creative and use an individual design to set yourself apart from others

Show, don’t tell

  • Show your expertise by asking your community for recommendations
  • Give recommendations yourself: This is how others become aware of you and your relationship with former companies and employees
  • Use relevant keywords from your industry for your expertise and let your community confirm them. This will increase the chance that you will be noticed for relevant jobs

Like, follow, join

  • Follow other LinkedIn profiles with a big impact, called Top Voices
  • Ask questions, share your opinion and respond to posts from your community
  • Join LinkedIn groups: Post your own content or respond to other posts. This is how you can expand your network to contacts other than your industry

In parts 1 and 2 of our LinkedIn hacks, you will learn how to create good content on LinkedIn and build your social network image.