More than 200,000 young talents worldwide applied for the Adecco Group's CEO for One Month program in 2018. ISM Alumna Lisa Frommhold did it - she went with Alain Dehaze, the CEO of the Fortune 500 company, for a month traveling around the globe and did not leave his side at business and customer appointments.

Rom, Lyon, Zurich, Thailand - the month as CEO for One Month is just racing. No wonder - for Lisa, new contacts, events and appointments are on the agenda every day: Meetings with the company's top international management or shaking hands with the president of the World Economic Forum. Every day is a highlight for Lisa, who graduated one year ago

An important milestone in Lisa's recent journey with the Adecco Group was the participation in the Bootcamp in London and the meeting with the other nine finalists. Recruiting app, virtual reality, start-up pitch and further challenges were only some of the challenges the group had to overcome. "Ellenbogen" mentality was not felt. "It was about the matter itself and learning together. I found friends for life," Lisa recalls. Finally, Lisa got a lot of insights into the company and current trends in HR.

What is the insight she took from her from her trip? "Authenticity does it! The more open and honest you are to yourself, the easier it is to be authentic - and it's also fun! "

 (Picture: The Adecco Group)