In addition to the Master's degree, the Bachelor's degree can now also be completed part-time at ISM Stuttgart. The schedule consists of digital learning units and face-to-face classes. On site, students in the B.A. Business Administration meet on Saturdays and for a total of three block weeks. The study program is in German.

The study program is not only geared towards employed persons and trainees. Rather, it is suitable for all people for whom full-time study is out of the question for private reasons, with or without a job.

At ISM Stuttgart, the part-time B.A. Business Administration can now be studied with the following
B.A. Business Administration - International Management
B.A. Business Administration - Finance

B.A. Business Administration - Sales & Marketing Management

B.A. Business Administration - Logistik Management

B.A. Business Administration - Data Analysis

Furthermore, a part-time Master's program in M.A. Management is also possible. The study program is in German as well. The focal points here are:

M.A. Management - International Management
M.A. Management - Marketing, CRM & Vertrieb
M.A. Management - Finance
M.A. Management - Psychology & Management
M.A. Management - HRM & Digital Transformation
M.A. Management - Business Intelligence & Data Science
M.A. Management - Supply Chain Management & Logistics
M.A. Management - Real Estate Management
M.A. Management - Family Business
M.A. Management - Sustainability Management