There are many exciting new developments in marketing. In our busy working days, there is often not enough time to learn more about these trends. That’s why ISM has founded the DMV Academy@ISM in cooperation with the German Marketing Association. You receive current marketing know-how at university level from our experienced ISM lecturers. The course language is German.

Six modules are offered. They consist of four classes which take place online one evening per week. Students who complete all modules, receive a certificate as a "Senior Marketing Professional".
The main topics of the modules are:

  • Brand Strategy und Management (Prof. Dr. Arne Westermann, ISM Dortmund)
  • Social Media und Community Management (Prof. Dr. Marcus Simon, ISM München)
  • Purpose und Positioning (Lukas Maximilian Fastenroth, Kienbaum Institut@ISM)
  • Content Marketing (Prof. Dr. Christoph Moss, ISM Dortmund)
  • Customer Experience (Prof. Dr. Helge Kaul, ISM Hamburg)
  • Digital Marketing (Prof. Dr. Audrey Mehn, ISM Dortmund)

ISM alumni and ISM students receive a 15% discount.

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