As usual, you can expect exciting new publications from our lecturers. Discover new perspectives and get the latest scientific findings in the fields of AI on the job, voice marketing, real estate management and intercultural competence.


AI on the job

The book by Prof. Dr. Andreas Moring provides an overview of the possible applications of AI in companies and sheds light on the prerequisites for productive collaboration between humans and machines.

Moring, Andreas (2022): AI on the job, Springer.

Intercultural Competence

The book by Prof. Dr. Frauke Bender introduces the concept of Intercultural Proficiency (IP) as part of a lifelong learning process. An open and appreciative attitude towards cultural diversity as well as the ability to self-reflect are important building blocks for the development of Intercultural Competence. The concept forms the basis for effective intercultural learning and training in cross-cultural environments in both academic and corporate settings.

Bender, Frauke (2022): A Roadmap to Intercultural Proficiency. Navigating Through Cultural Diversity and Inclusion, Diversity and Inclusion Research, Springer.

Real Estate Industry Handbook

How can the complexity and diversity of Real Estate Management be represented in book form? Prof. Dr. Werner Pauen has taken up this challenge. The practical handbook he has published is a reflection of the real estate value chain and is therefore suitable for both students and practitioners of real estate management. The ISM university lecturers Prof. Dr. Silke Friedrich, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schlesinger, Dr. Simon Neumair and Prof. Dr. Meiko Zeppenfeld are also represented with contributions.

Pauen, Werner ed. (2022): Praxishandbuch Immobilienwirtschaft, Reguvis.

Voice Marketing

This article uses a case study to show how brands can use voice marketing and integrate it into existing content strategies to ensure brand visibility. The learning and increasingly human-like voice assistant should no longer be seen as a purely technical instrument, but increasingly as a possible brand co-creator.

Kristal, Samuel / Bruno, Pascal (2022): Gesehen werden, um zu hören - Wie Marken Visibilität im Voice-Marketing erreichen können, in: transfer - Zeitschrift für Kommunikation und Markenmanagement, 02/2022, pp. 46-50.