Have you already listened to our new podcast? In ISM Perspectives on... we talk to experts about current trends and phenomena in the world of work: 👉 How has the Corona pandemic changed purchasing decisions? 👉 How can managers properly deal with conflicts in the workplace? 👉 And how can entrepreneurs competently deal with data protection issues today?

Episode #1

In our first episode, we talk to Kerstin Lehmann, management consultant and ISM lecturer from Hamburg, about post-pandemic consumption. How has Corona affected consumption and how can companies respond to the new mindset? At the end, the question is whether a return to a "new normal" can be assumed at all in view of the current geopolitical crisis.

Episode #2

What dynamics can conflicts develop in the workplace and how can the ability to deal with conflict strengthen social cohesion? Conflict expert Dr. Andrea Hartmann-Piraudeau talks about this in our second episode of our podcast.

Episode #3

In the current episode, we navigate you through the topic of data protection together with the lawyer Dr. Christian Förster - how can entrepreneurs deal with it competently and what should they pay attention to?

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