Digitalization is increasingly calling for experts who can drive the transformation of companies through the smart use of data. We asked ISM alumnus Mario Raups, who currently works as a BI consultant for Ferchau, what working as a consultant in the field of Business Intelligence & Data Science can look like.

Mario, what motivated you to pursue a degree in BI & Data Science?
I started my studies as an employee and was preparing for a team leader position at the time. I wanted to underpin my BI horizons with theory and get to know Data Science.

You are currently working as a BI Consultant at Ferchau. What exactly does your job look like?
At Ferchau, I am employed as a temporary employee in a very modern subject area, sustainability. At the moment, I'm assigned as BI-savvy support in sustainability reporting in the department. My tasks range from preparing management presentations to setting up IT system interfaces to user support for sustainability software.

The demands on companies are becoming increasingly complex. How can BI and data analytics help? And what does this look like at Ferchau?
Generally speaking, BI and data analytics contribute to insights for management decisions. In my sustainability area in the goods logistics industry, data helps steer process improvements to shape the transformation into a sustainable company and keep processes transparent for investors and customers.

Thanks for the little insight into your job, Mario!

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