After more than 14 years in business, as a management consultant, in a big corporation and as a manager, ISM alumnus Sebastian Rux is replacing the manager's office for the stage. In order to pursue his passion, he has taken the step into self-employment and left his secure job as Head of Global Strategy at Daimler Mobility. In the interview, he talks about what motivated him to do so and how he and others dealt with his decision.

Sebastian, after six years as a Manager, you quit your safe job and steady income to pursue your passion. How did it come about?

I've already been dealing with personal development for many years. In this way, I have continuously expanded my horizon. And that's also how I "found" my passion.

What does your passion look like and how do you implement it in your work?

I have a talent for inspiring and thrilling people from stage. After many presentations, participants came to me and gave great feedback. Since I look forward to presenting long beforehand, I identified this as my passion.

On the one hand, I am a keynote speaker and talk about communication topics. But mainly, I accompany entrepreneurs and companies in developing coherent messages from their complex topics and presenting them in a convincing way.

When was the decisive point when you realized that something had to change? Was there a particular situation?

Looking back, there was no such moment. But my 40th birthday last year already made it clear to me: If I want to change something, now is a good time to do it.

Did you have any doubts about your decision at any time? And what fears or worries did you have?

Of course, doubts and worries come up in various situations because such a decision, to quit your safe job as an employee, is definitely drastic. There are issues such as financial aspects, whether my service is demanded or how I can attract customers.

How did your colleagues, friends and family react?

This is an exciting question. There was a "group" that just shook it‘s head. People asked me how I could quit such a great job at a global corporation and one of the most valuable global brands. The vast majority of people, on the other hand, reacted extremely positively. They congratulated me on my decision and offered me the greatest possible support, which I was very happy about.

What were the most common questions people had?

You have a great job, a steady income, a great car and exciting topics – what for? Right after that, I was asked most often where I was going next. After I answered "nowhere", many were puzzled. On the other hand, the group that congratulated me, immediately wanted to know more about my future topics.

On LinkedIn, you talk about your decision and motivation to quit your safe job. Are you trying to inspire others to find and pursue their own passion?

Absolutely. I believe that everyone has a passion or a special talent. I am firmly convinced of this: the more people live their passion, the more we can make the world a better place, bit by bit. I would like to make my contribution to this with my passion.

What advice would you want to give to others who are facing a similar decision or those who are afraid of changing anything because of the uncertainty?

The answer to this is short: We only have one life to live. Many people later regret mainly the things they didn't do - but they don't regret the things they did.


After graduating from ISM with a degree in international business studies, Sebastian worked as a management consultant for car dealers before joining the Daimler Group. Most recently, as Head of Global Strategy, he was responsible for preparing Daimler Mobility for the future. After six years in that position, he decided to pursue his passion. With his story, he also wants to inspire others to discover and pursue their own passion.