Planting trees with an online platform - ISM alumnus Daniel shows how it works

Making a contribution to sustainability and climate protection can be complicated and time-consuming. But it doesn't has to be.

ISM alumnus Daniel Lösch and his co-founder Luka Weingärtner created "one minute for nature", a platform that converts video clicks into trees. In regular tree planting campaigns, they use short videos to provide information on topics related to climate protection. They generate revenue through downstream advertising and thus support reforestation projects.

"During my studies, I realized the power that lies in online marketing. Companies like Ecosia have proven that this power can also be used for good," Daniel explains. "We have now funded over 25,000 trees. I'm very proud of that. Our long-term vision is to educate and empower people to do something about climate change."

He himself has been involved with sustainability since his school days and has adapted many aspects of his everyday life to it in recent years: "I buy green electricity and am a customer at a sustainable bank. I also used to enjoy cycling to ISM. But it is not at all necessary to change all areas of life immediately. Every person who informs themselves and changes a little something already helps the climate."

Would you like to be part of the next tree planting campaign? You can find all the information at