“The pace of technology is getting faster all the time. New technologies are being implemented without considering the risks.” As the managing director of Deutor Cyber Security Solutions, ISM graduate Dr. Stefanie Frey advises companies and states on how to deal with cyber attacks. Since gaining her PhD from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, she has focused her attention on addressing issues of cyber security. To make the transition from academic life to a career in business easier, she decided to complete a Master’s in Business Administration at ISM.

“The fundamentals of the MBA as well as its international and practical orientation were ideal for me,” explains Stefanie. “Since cyber criminals often utilize normal business processes, it definitely helps to have studied and shaped them.” The consultations she undertakes are particularly concerned with identifying the weaknesses of an organization: “We use simulations to locate the targets of a cyber-attack. Once we’ve recognized a system’s weaknesses, we’re in a position to take appropriate measures to prevent or detect potential cyber-attacks before they happen.”

Stefanie never imagined that a PhD in War Studies and an MBA from ISM would lead her to cyber security. Today, she encourages students to make unusual decisions: “When studying, it’s important to be courageous and to do the unexpected sometimes. In our networked world, you have to break out of the silo mentality. We have to approach problems in an interdisciplinary way, which requires the networking of various disciplines.”