Innovation and regulation - hand in hand for more sustainability

July 16, 2024 from 5 p.m.11:55 p.m.
Past event

The focus of this ISM Talk will be on the EU Supply Chain Act, among other things. Together with our experts from the industry, we would like to analyze what role regulations, such as legal requirements, can play. On the one hand, entrepreneurial innovation should not be inhibited; on the other hand, voluntary commitments have often not achieved the desired results.

Greater transparency in supply chains is beneficial for traceability, which is particularly important in the event of recalls. It can also serve as a basis for customers to make decisions, for example to recognize greenwashing or reduce their own carbon footprint. Transparency is also an important basis for business decisions when selecting sustainable product lines and business models.

If we follow Michael E. Porter, then the pressure created by regulation generates a demand for new, sustainable solutions and thus promotes innovation. Can this paradox of innovation vs. regulation be resolved?

Do innovation and regulation go hand in hand for more sustainability? We will discuss this at this event!

The panel:


Prof. Dr. André Reichel


Saskia Juretzek Head of Sustainability and Human Rights Officer at the Tengelmann Group

Michael Kaiser Managing Director of Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation

Dominik Stelzmüller Senior Consultant for Business Development and Innovation Processes at bwcon


Maybachstraße 20
70469 Stuttgart

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